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Objectives of the Foundation:
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    In order to realise its goals it works especially on the following duties:
  • elaboration of research projects in connection with the topic, musical relics in the first place, including leather pipes, wood-wind instruments on the base of the human voice, and collection of names of lakes, rivers, mountains, plains and regions.
  • collection of lingual and religious extracts and family names and their examination.
    organisation and support of expeditions to the countries of Europe, Asia, South-America, Africa where the presence of the ancestors of the Hungarian people can still be disclosed. The search for Hungarian ancestors is primarily carried out in the east, relying on eastern resources in the territory of North-China, Kazakhstan, countries of the Caucasus, and later Iran and Iraq.
    1. providing for personal and financial conditions to carry out projects.
    2. supporting archeological explorations and research and their publication.
    3. participation in the distribution of publicatons in order to educate and improve the knowledge of the young generation, and organisation of camps for children and young people. - Other activities that serve the determined purpose of the foundation and made possible by the law.
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